Email alerts are ignored, SMS alerts are weirdly intrusive, face-to-face alerts require eye contact. Since everything is on Slack now, let’s send our alerts to Slack channels!

AWS lambda function takes messages from an AWS SQS and forwards them to the channels of your choice. Serverless with AWS Lambda seems cool choice.

Serverless is a method of deploying and running applications on cloud infrastructure, on a pay-per-use basis and without renting or buying servers.

You can trigger AWS Lambda functions with a variety of AWS services, such as API Gateway for APIs and S3 for files. For the full list…

Software engineering is cool, creating applications that can help businesses grow and ultimately help to make the world a meaningful and better place is an awesome thing that we as a software engineers can do.

It’s an exciting profession to be in, with thousands of companies working on thousands of cool tech products, with hundreds of innovations happening everyday, it’s also challenging to keep up with the trend. It’s highly possible that what we learn today become obsolete in the coming future.

So, this blog is more about how i see software development as, and what i want, as an…

I am writing this post as a means to put up with all I learned in my journey from being an Electronics Engineering undergrad at a Tier-2 college to getting a 6-month internship with Amazon IDC, Hyderabad.

I started in the year 2015 as an undergrad in ECE from GTBIT, a college under Indraprastha University, Delhi. To be precise, no top-level companies visit the campus, and most of the companies that visit pay very low, and the work for which they hire is non-technical ( mainly for testing roles or for managerial roles or something like that..). …

Satyam Singh

Software Engineer@Amazon

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